a century of experience

Located in the heart of the deep Ardenne forest, we
forge since 1927. Our company is a family run business
and we have adapted to the Market requirements :

  • state-of-the-art equipment,
  • digital simulation,
  • robotization

And continous training of our 90 employees.

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With 5 forging lines (hammers from 1600 to 6300 kgm) we are covering a large panel of more or less complicated components with the aim to secure the production : one same item can be produced on 2 different production lines.


  • In-house heat treatment
  • controlled cooling, direct quenching, overhardening,
    annealing, tempering …
  • Hot bending , cold coining , hot or cold punching
  • Surface treatments


From simple machining at very high production rates to more
complex machining at lower
volume, our machinery park is
flexible and partly robotised.

We have 16 machining centres (6 turning centres, 7 vertical centres, 3 horizontal centres)

With regular investment we can:

  • Increase production capacity
  • Use state-of-the-art machines
  • Dedicate specific equipment to a product range


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Stévenin Nollevaux gets involved from the very beginning of your
project in order to exchange and share ideas on the product design
and participate to establishing the specifications.

Starting with your drawing or a 3D file or even a sketch: We make technical proposals to lower the final cost of your product and add features: coining; heat treatment; material proposal; geometric adaptation …


Numerical simulation



 Visualise, test your products with our prototype development resources :

  • With a simple plastic part in 3D printing
  • With a part in the chosen steel grade, fully machined, exact replica of the final serial product
  • With a small batch forged in a simple tooling (reduced tooling cost)

Numerical simulation

Developing your product together, in total confidentiality, enables us to achieve the forging simulation and therefore justify our design suggestions.

  • Productivity integrated in the quote : a metal input weight and a section of billet are confirmed in the study.
  • Time saving : faster optimized design and therefore shorter development time of your project: “Time to market”.
  • Your benefit : our expertise in studying new geometries, more complex shapes and new materials.
  • Competitiveness : forging development in a short time, reduction of testing and material costs, extension of tool life.


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A strategic department :

In order to forge a part we need dies and tools for punching, trimming, and possibly coining.

All our tooling is manufactured in our own tooling shop, as well as machining fixtures.

The integrated conception and manufacture of tooling is the key for 100% process control, and enables us to be always very pro-active

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